Student Learning and Perceptions of the Academic Environment

The academic achievement and learning of a learner are mostly determined by their academic environment. Academic environment refers to the classroom, faculty, university, department, and involves all the other locations where learning takes place. Because the learning outcomes of learners are influenced largely by the school policies, infrastructure, and the like due to which they become a vital part of the academic environment. Many research studies have stated that the achievement of learners as well as their motivation, success, and happiness is largely determined by their academic environment.

What Factors Influence Student learning and Perceptions of the Academic Environment?

Here are some factors that impact the students’ learning and perceptions of the academic environment.

Learning Experiences

The environment that surrounds the learners’ learning activities largely influences how they perceive learning. If they are present in an encouraging environment, they will be keener to gain new knowledge.

Influence of Teachers

Learners need to be encouraged to learn new things and when they are present in an academic environment where teachers are irregular to classes or do not pay much attention to the topic they are teaching, it may cause learners to lack interest in learning and they may perceive learning to be unimportant.

Basic Facilities

An educational institution accommodates numerous learners due to which basic educational facilities like a board, desk, chair, and the like are necessary so that learners can be comfortable. The absence of the same may lead them to perceive education as an activity that causes them discomfort.

Sanitation Facilities

Along with educational facilities, the presence of good sanitation facilities such as a separate female and male bathroom is equally necessary so that learners can perceive their academic environment as hygienic and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle. 


Academic institutions need to take the feedback of learners into account by asking them how they feel about the teaching measures and if it is effective. This will lead them to have a positive perception of the academic environment.

Lab Materials

Science subjects require learners to perform experiments and without labs and appropriate materials, they will not be able to learn the subject completely. Hence, equipping institutions with lab materials is essential.

Diversity of Subjects

Having diverse subjects in the curriculum that are not limited to theoretical knowledge but also involve practical knowledge and physical activities are essential for learners to have a good perception of their academic environment.

A large part of how learners gain motivation to learn is determined by their academic environment and how they perceive the same. Hence, educational institutions and teachers need to ensure that they provide adequate learning resources and motivate learners so that they can have a positive perception of their academic environment.

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