Discuss the Phases and Activities of Micro-Teaching 

Micro Teaching is an innovative technique of conducting class for a small group of students by the teacher to prepare him/her for the profession. This enables an individual to acquire teaching skills and certain behavior needed for one to become a teacher. It will help the teachers to gain confidence in their teaching techniques. They will get an understanding of what works and what doesn’t in their teaching methods. It will allow the teachers to correct their mistakes and improve their teaching techniques to provide an effective learning experience to the students.

Three Phases of Micro-Teaching

The three phases of microteaching are as follows:

Knowledge Acquisition

This is a preparatory phase during which the teacher receives training for various teaching skills and components such as discussions, lectures, demonstrations, and illustrations.

Skill Acquisition

This is an interactive phase during which the teacher practices the skills he or she has acquired. The colleagues play the role of a constructive evaluator who also gets an insight into their teaching skills.


In this last phase, the teachers transfer the skills they have learned in the simulated teaching environment to a real classroom situation.

Activities of Micro-Teaching

Some of the activities of micro-teaching are as follows:

Interaction Through Questioning

Because interaction is highly important while teaching, during micro-teaching, teachers are exposed to interactive skills through interacting with learners by asking them questions, prompting them, and solving their queries.

Blackboard Writing

When concepts are explained through the help of a blackboard, it becomes clearer and more comprehensive to learners. Hence, teachers also have to implement blackboard writing during micro-teaching.


Reinforcement is highly essential in teaching so that learners can feel motivated enough to learn. Hence, teachers have to employ reinforcement in micro-teaching.

Stimulus Variation

Teachers need to keep moving around the class to ensure every student is paying attention to which stimulus variation is involved in micro-teaching.

These are some activities that teachers have to perform when they are involved in micro-teaching.

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