Meaning, Advantages, and Disadvantages of School-Based INSET for Teachers with Importance of School-Based INSET

School-Based INSET stands for in-service training. It is organized by the teachers at the school level to identify some shortcomings identified by the teachers themselves. Teachers have a discussion and come up with strategies to improve the teaching methods for providing an effective learning experience to the students. It helps in the professional growth of the teachers. They come up with new and innovative teaching techniques to make the class interesting and learning easier for the students.

Advantages of School-Based INSET

The advantages of School-Based INSET are:

1. It will help in the professional growth of the teachers.

2. Teachers will be able to come up with unique and innovative teaching methods.

3. Teachers will have an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and work on the lacking areas.

4. Teachers will understand how to overcome obstacles in class and their problem-solving skills will improve as well.

5. Helps the teachers in improving their skills and increasing their knowledge.

6. Teachers will get an understanding of what they are doing wrong in the teaching process and try to correct the mistakes.

Disadvantages of Conventional School-Based INSET for teachers

  1. Lack of Seriousness: Not all teachers may find INSET to be valuable. They may think of it as a recreational activity and therefore, take it lightly rather than seriously.
  2. Lack of Implementation: Even though INSET may help teachers learn new skills, there is no guarantee they may apply it in the classroom.
  3. Short Duration: Many INSET sessions are of short duration and therefore, they may not be able to impart adequate skills.
  4. Exhaustion: If the teachers are working and simultaneously attending the INSET sessions, it may be exhausting.
  5. Lack of Infrastructure facilities: For the teacher to employ the learned skills effectively, the infrastructure of the school must be suitable and not all schools may accommodate the same.

There may be certain limitations to the implementation of INSET skills. However, INSET is highly important for teachers because it enables them to learn new skills in the form of activities that are engaging and entertaining.

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