Enumerate the Meaning, Merits, and Demerits of Micro Teaching (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Micro Teaching is an innovative technique of conducting class for a small group of students by the teacher to prepare him/her for the profession. This enables an individual to acquire teaching skills and certain behavior needed for one to become a teacher. It will help the teachers to gain confidence in their teaching techniques. They will get an understanding of what works and what doesn’t in their teaching methods. It will allow the teachers to correct their mistakes and improve their teaching techniques to provide an effective learning experience to the students.

Merits of Micro Teaching

Following are the merits of micro-teaching:

  1. It will help a person in acquiring the skills and behavior needed for being a teacher.
  2. It helps the teachers to come up with innovative teaching methods to provide a satisfactory learning experience to the students.
  3. It allows the teacher to get an experience of the profession by teaching a small group before teaching a bigger group.
  4. It gives the teachers self-confidence in their teaching methods and increases their passion for the profession.
  5. Microteaching also helps in the professional growth and personality development of the teacher.
  6. It helps the teachers to be prepared with the class lessons beforehand.

Demerits of Micro Teaching

The demerits of micro-teaching are:

  1. The training can be time-consuming and even costly at times.
  2. There is a limited number of students during the training session which may not build interest in the teacher or students.
  3. There is no emphasis on personal learning during this training.
  4. It is an artificial situation and may not seem realistic for both the teachers and students.


However, micro-teaching can be very helpful for teachers to help them in their professional growth and personal development. They will be able to acquire the necessary skills and attitudes for becoming a teacher. The teaching process of the teachers will also improve through this training which will provide an effective learning experience to the students.

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