Advantages and Disadvantages of Conventional Learning (Face-to-Face) and Importance

Conventional learning is the learning done by going to school and being physically present in class. There is proper interaction and face-to-face communication between the teachers and students. Teachers guide the students throughout the learning process. Instructors are the main source for providing knowledge to the students in conventional learning.

Advantages of Conventional Learning

The advantages of conventional learning are:

  1. There is proper interaction and face to face communication between teachers and students.
  2. There are certain rules and regulations that students are expected to follow which builds discipline in them.
  3. Students will learn new skills and become more creative. Higher level of competition exists among the students.
  4. It is an organised form of learning where students need to attend school at a particular location and time. This will develop obedience in the students and they will learn how to manage time properly.
  5. Students will learn how to communicate in a proper way with others and how to behave in a society.
  6. Students will get to meet their classmates on a regular basis and know each other better. They will understand the importance of team-work. There will be proper interaction and discussion among classmates.
  7. Students which get educated about important life lessons. This will help in the growth and personal development of the students.

Disadvantages of Conventional Learning

Following are the disadvantages of conventional learning:

  1. There is no flexibility as students are supposed to report to class at a particular location and at a specific time.
  2. The interaction between teachers and students is limited only inside the classroom and school. Students can’t take the help of teachers outside school.
  3. This learning method is expensive as the tuition fee is high and many books need to be bought learn which is costly. There may also be additional charges for students who travel from far.
  4. It is compulsory for students to attend all the classes even if they have no interest in some of the subjects.

Importance of Conventional Learning

The importance of conventional learning are the following:

  1. Students will learn important skills needed in life.
  2. They will grow up to become a responsible citizen.
  3. It will help in the growth and personal development of the students.
  4. Students will acquire new skills and get more creative.
  5. They will learn how to communicate and behave well with others.
  6. Students will understand the value of time and how to manage it.
  7. They will become disciplined as there are certain rules and regulations students need to follow.

Conventional learning is the most effective form of learning. Even today, with various modern technologies and online forms of learning present, parents still opt for a conventional form of learning to give the best education to their children. Conventional learning develops skills and traits in students that online learning can’t.