Meaning and Components of Explanation Skill in Micro-Teaching 

The skill of explanation refers to clearly explaining the topic so that learners can understand the concepts being taught properly. The teacher gives a thorough explanation of the topic that is being taught in the classroom so that the learners can have clarity and comprehension of the lesson. It is one of the most important components of teaching skills and without its use, the teaching-learning process is considered incomplete and unsuccessful. The teacher must ensure that they are explaining the lesson with full clarity and in a simplified manner. Their communication skills must be fluent and easy to understand for the learners so that they can grasp the concept with full clarity.

Components of the Explanation Skill

The components of the explanation skill include the following:

Beginning Statement

The teacher must motivate the students by asking them questions and testing their previous knowledge. Teachers can also incorporate small creative activities to get the class started and prepare them for the explanation.

Proper Communication

It is highly crucial for a teacher to be fluent and have a good command of their language when they are explaining the lesson. They should be clear and not diverge from the topic.

Use of Examples

Including real-life examples and other relevant examples that learners can relate to will increase their curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning. Therefore, using examples is necessary for explanation.

Planned Repetition

At regular intervals, the important points must be emphasized so that students pay attention to them and they can take note of it naturally.


The explanation must have a continuous flow and should not look dispirited. Use of connecting words such as however, so, since, and the like is necessary.

Concluding Statements

Finally, the teacher must end the explanation with some concluding statements that touch upon the key points of the lesson or give a summary of the topic.

The skill of explanation ensures that the learners have clarity over the lesson that is taught. Hence, including these components is highly essential.

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