Relationship & Difference between Educational Sociology and Curriculum

Educational Sociology has suggested that curriculum is to be designed in a way that can provide aid in accomplishing social aims.

Relationship & Difference between Educational Sociology and Curriculum

Educational sociology is a branch of sociology that studies the relation between society and education. It is the sociological findings in the field of education and consists of more practical implications. Educational sociology is mostly focused on research work. It looks at education from the sociological perspective. 

Curriculum is the syllabus or subjects it consists in a course of study. Curriculum helps to achieve the sociological aims. Curriculum shows a view of how society was in the past, how is it in the present, and how it may be in the future. The goals of a curriculum are reviewed in the set of educational objectives that accompany it. The objectives are the end which can be achieved by the curriculum provided. 

Relationship between Educational Sociology and Curriculum

According to educational sociology, curriculum helps in achieving the sociological aims. The curriculum followed in educational institutions is beneficial in the social progress of the society and the country. Educational sociology aims to develop a curriculum that will adequately socialise each individual student. Educational sociology provides recommendations and techniques to improve the quality of education by researching on society’s culture, values and norms. Both focus on the development of individuals as well as the betterment of society and nation as a whole. 

Difference between Educational Sociology and Curriculum

The difference between educational sociology and curriculum are as follows: 

i. Educational sociology is the science of society and curriculum is an important aspect of education. 

ii. Educational sociology studies the structure and functions of social system, whilecurriculum is an integral part in any field of education. 

iii. Educational sociology aim is to develop socialised citizens where curriculum is the means for achieving the goals of the education. 


Curriculum should be such that it helps in achieving the social aims. The curriculum should be organised and made with careful thought. It should be dynamic and flexible to change with the changing social objectives. 

Educational sociology looks into the problem of relationship between society and education. Its main focus is the use of sociological principles in education. Educational sociology fosters social change in the educational system necessary to fulfil the changing needs of the society.

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