Definition of educational sociology by different authors 

Meaning of Sociology

Sociology is a branch of education that elaborates on the relationship between men along with the environment. Educational sociology is also a further branch of sociology that explains the meaning and purpose of education through the social perspective.

Sociology is the study of the relationship between men and the environment around them. In 1983, French philosopher Auguste Comte pioneered the relative term sociology for the first time. It was considered a scientific method to study the relationship between society and human beings.

Definition of Sociology

“Sociology is the study of relations between individuals, their conduct and reference to one another, and the standard by which they regulate their association.”

E.T. Hiller

“Sociology is the scientific study of the processes of interactions of persons.”


“Sociology studies plural behaviour.”

Moor and Cole

Definition of Educational Sociology

Educational Sociology has been defined by many authors in the field. These are as so following:

“All education proceed by the participation of the individual in the social consciousness of the races.”


“The sociology of education may be defined as a study of relations between education and sociology. Education is an activity which goes on in society, and its aims and method depend on the nature of the society, in which it takes place.”


“Educational Sociology is a science that describes and discusses processes of a social relation which give experience to an individual and organizes a society.”

George Penn

The definitions by the researchers are proof that educational sociology is the amalgamation of both education and society. It focuses on the mutual relations and interests which make education dependent on sociology.