Educational Sociology

Educational sociology is a branch of sociology that studies the relationship between education and society along with the environment considering the challenges and benefits of education in building a civil society. Educational sociology renders the instinct to view education from a sociological perspective. Educational sociology studies the principles of sociology applied to education. The father of Educational Sociology is known as E. George Payne.

“All education proceeds by the participation of the individual in the social consciousness of the races.”


“The sociology of education may be defined as a study of relations between education and sociology. Education is an activity that goes on in society, and its aims and method depend on the nature of the society, in which it takes place. “

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Definition of Sociology by different authors education summary
Definition of Sociology by different authors education summary

Sociology of Education

The sociology of education is the study that highlights the effects of human beings and social institutions on the educational system. It is related to the schools, primary, elementary and higher education. The sociology of education means that the ultimate goal of education is to provide society with equality in every aspect which can be achieved through a proper educational system. For example, a child with a disability, a weaker section child, a deprived adult, and others who want to make an impact in society through education is the prime objective as well as the sociology of education. The father of the Sociology of Education is known as Emile Durkheim and Max Weber.

Difference between the Sociology of Education and Educational Sociology

Educational SociologySociology of Education
Educational Sociology provides the sociology to be applied to the research area of education.The sociology of Education is the study of the ways public institutes and the environment impact the educational system.
Educational Sociology is occupied with more practical and experimental learning.It is mostly concerned with theoretical knowledge and findings.
Educational Sociology tries to render education with more educational techniques, activities, plans, and educational research which can be beneficial for society. It mostly focuses on the outcomes and consequences of the education provided to the people included in education.
Educational Sociology tries to overcome the problems and provide alternatives by implementing sociological formulas and rules.It focuses on the challenges faced in schools, higher education institutes, and others that are believed to be overcome for a better society.
It focuses on the societal rules which are to be followed in education.The sociology of education believes educational institutes as a part of society.
It has the goal to make further research and advancements in the field of education.It is purely concerned with the issue of sociology.
It is mostly concerned with the application of sociology in the educational field. It has the ultimate goal of building a good and civil society.
Relationship and Difference between Sociology of Education and Educational Sociology