Educational sociology and Method of Teaching

Educational sociology and Method of Teaching

Sociology is the study of how humans interact with one another and the society as a whole. Educational sociology is a branch of sociology that studies the relation between society and education. It is the sociological findings in the field of education and consists of more practical implications. Educational sociology is mostly focused on research work. Educational sociology provides recommendations and techniques to improve the quality of education by researching on society’s culture, values and norms. Educational sociology is Education from the sociological perspective. 

Nature of Educational Sociology

Educational sociology tries to understand the relationship between education and society. It looks into the problem of relationship between the two factors. It studies how humans interact with one another and with the society. Its main focus is the use of sociological principles in education. Educational sociology is the study of social factors that are influenced by educational institutions. It is concerned with the study of social issues in education. Educational sociology fosters social change in the educational system necessary to fulfil the changing needs of the society. 

Method of Teaching 

Educational sociology supports field visits, project method, group discussion and co-curricular activities in social science. It encourages co-operative learning, problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking. This will teach the students to adapt to different social situations and how to overcome difficulties in everyday life. 

  • i. The skills and knowledge taught in classroom should be useful in real life social situation . 
  • ii. The teaching techniques should focus on the social behaviour and development of the students.
  • iii. Student react better to co-operative learning where there is sharing in the teaching learning process.
  • iv. Group projects inculcate values of trust and respect for one another. 
  • v. Field visits will encourage interaction and improve the communication skills of children. 
  • vi. Sociological education teaching should be done through cultural and social programs.

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