Aims and objectives of Educational Sociology

Aims and objectives of educational sociology

In the words of George Payne,

“Educational sociology is a study that studies how people learn,” describes and explains institutions, social groups, and social processes or social concerns, i.e.the social interaction in which or by which an individual obtains and organises his experiences.”

Educational sociology is a branch of sociology that studies the relation between society and education. Educational sociology looks into the problem of relationship between these two factors. It studies how humans interact with one another and with the society. It is the sociological findings in the field of education and consists of more practical implications. Educational sociology is mostly focused on research work. Educational sociology provides recommendations and techniques to improve the quality of education by researching on society’s culture, values and norms.

Aims of Educational Sociology 

The aims of educational sociology are the following: 

  • i. Develop children into good and responsible citizens of the society. 
  • ii. Teach children how to conduct themselves correctly and in an effective manner.
  • iii. To develop a curriculum that will help in achieving the sociological aims.
  • iv. Make children understand the difference between good and bad, ethical and unethical in the society. 
  • v. To teach children about the importance of equality, justice, peace and harmony in the society.
  • vi. To figure out what would mostly contribute towards a child’s growth and development.

Objectives of Educational Sociology 

The objectives of educational sociology are as follows: 

  • i. To acquire knowledge in relation to sociological perspective. 
  • ii. To understand the role of the teacher in relation to society and social progress.
  • iii. To understand how social elements have an impact on humans. 
  • vi. Make the use of sociological principles in education.
  • v. To develop a curriculum that educates properly about all aspects of the society.
  • vi. Foster social change in the educational system necessary to fulfil the changing needs of the society.

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