How educational sociology is important in the field of education ?

How educational sociology is important in the field of education?

Educational sociology is education from the sociological perspective. It is a branch of sociology that studies the relation between society and education, and looks into the problem of relationship between the two fields. It is the sociological findings in the field of education and consists of more practical implications. Educational sociology is mostly focused on research work. It provides recommendations and techniques to improve the quality of education by researching on society’s culture, values and norms. Its main focus is the use of sociological principles in education.

Importance of Educational Sociology in the Field of Education 

  • i. Educational sociology helps in transmitting the beliefs, values, norms, culture, and religion followed since ages to the upcoming generations.
  • ii. It will help children to understand their roles in the society and adopt it responsibly. 
  • iii. Teach children how to make thoughtful decisions and overcome the problems in their everyday life. 
  • iv. Make children understand about the different feelings of emotions felt by humans for them to adopt it at the right situations.
  • v. Learn to treat each other with respect and listen to one another with compassion and empathy. 
  • vi. Make children capable of communicating properly with a person or a large group.
  • vii. Teachers children about behaviour acceptable in the society and adopt positive intentions in them. 
  • viii. Educational sociology helps children in their personal growth and development.

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