Merits and Demerits of Community as an Agency of Education System 

Community is constantly aligned with the education system. Through the provision of adequate resources and support towards education, the community fosters the effective functioning of educational institutions. Although an informal agency of education, the community is highly important.

Merits of Community as an Agency of Education System

Maintains Decorum

Community is partly responsible for maintaining decorum and discipline in an educational institution.

Facilitates Informal Education

Apart from the classroom, learning should take place outside of the classroom too. Community centers like libraries, museums, art galleries, recreation centers, and the like act as a source of education.

Finances Education

The community offers financial assistance through funds and donations whenever possible. By seeking help from individuals who are generous enough to encourage education, the community finances education.

Offers Facilities

An educational institution may face challenges when there are inadequate teaching tools and the community eliminates these challenges by offering facilities such as teaching aids, learning materials, and more.

Increases Attendance

The community is highly responsible for motivating individuals to join an educational institution and become educated.

Demerits of Community as an Agency of Education System

Community Stress

If the community has some stressful situation going on, it can affect the progress of education too.

Community Conflicts

Conflicts in the community can touch upon educational institutions thereby causing an obstruction in education.

Lack of Funding

Not all communities may be willing to fund education despite realizing its need so this can be a major setback.

Teacher Conflicts

Conflicts and a strained relationship between teachers and community members can also impact the education system negatively.

Lack Of Motivation

Community members may fail to motivate their youngsters to gain an education which can lead them to steer away from going to educational institutions.

While it cannot be denied that communities may serve some challenges in the education system, nevertheless, it cannot be overlooked that they form a vital part of the education system.

Maintains DecorumCommunity Stress
Facilitates Informal EducationCommunity Conflicts
Finances EducationLack of Funding
Offers FacilitiesLack Of Motivation
Increases AttendanceTeacher Conflicts
Table: Merits and Demerits of Community as an Agency of Education System 

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