Difference and Similarities Between Globalization and Modernization With The Effects of Globalization and Modernization 

Globalization is a term that refers to the increasing interdependence of the economies, population, and cultures of the world on each other. This is facilitated through technology, the exchange of cross-border trade in goods and services, and the flows of information, people, and investment. Modernization is the present term for a process that is old. It refers to the process of social change in which there is the acquisition of modern characteristics of developed societies by less developed societies. International or intersocial communication fosters modernization.

Differences Between Globalization and Modernization

  1. Globalization increases the interdependence of the world whereas modernization focuses on breaking traditions of the past and adopting new practices.
  2. Globalization is mainly characterized by the interconnectedness of the world whereas modernization is mainly characterized by international or intersocietal communication.
  3. Globalization is mainly related to trade practices whereas modernization is mainly related to the adoption of contemporary practices.
  4. Globalization focuses on building interrelationship among countries around the globe whereas modernization emphasizes the development of a country or society through the inclusion of current practices.
  5. Globalization includes the entire processes that are incorporated into single world society by the people of the world whereas modernization refers to the application of modern science to human affairs.

Similarities Between Globalization and Modernization

  1. Both modernization and globalization focus on the development of the world.
  2. Both the concepts are facilitated by communication between societies or countries.
  3. Both globalization and modernization have led to changes and developments in the world.
  4. In a way, modernization leads to globalization and vice versa so they are partially interdependent.
  5. Both modernization and globalization focus on increasing the connection of different countries and societies.

Effects Of Globalization and Modernization

Facilitates Communication

Globalization and modernization facilitate and increase communication between different societies and countries.

Increases Interconnectedness

Globalization and modernization foster the interconnectedness of the world through the exchange of cross-border trade, dependence on one another, and the like.

Better Opportunities

Through globalization and modernization, individuals gain access to wider and better education and employment opportunities so they do not have to limit their choices.

Division of labor

Globalization and modernization have led to the division of labor. For instance, in the past, the entire process of producing goods and selling them was done by a single individual under one roof. These days, there are factories where goods are produced and sellers who sell them in the market.


With globalization and modernization, societies have become individual-oriented. Individuals’ importance has increased replacing an occupational group or a basic societal unit.

These are the various ways in which globalization and modernization have impacted the globe.