Explore Mass Media as a Social Agency of Education in English

Mass media includes all the technologies used in media to reach a wide group of people through mass communication. Mass media strives to educate young learners on the knowledge and skills that help them to make critical assessments by using mass communication so that they can have a creative expression. Education is not limited to what learners learn in the classroom. It goes beyond educational institutions. Learning takes place everywhere and every time. Mass media acts as a social agent of education in English. It makes the learners aware of current affairs.

Mass Media as a Social Agency of Education

Mass media is a huge well of information and has become a part of our daily lifestyle. Hence, it plays an important role as a social agency of education in English in the following ways.

Provides Information

Mass media provides real-time information about things that are taking place in different parts of the world.

Connects The World

By offering wide coverage of news and information all around the world, mass media brings the entire world to the classroom and connects the learners with the rest of the world.

Improves Listening Skills

Learners may sit in front of the radio or television and listen to the different news and ongoing with attention which can improve their listening skills.

Motivates The Learners

Mass media also can motivate learners as it showcases the reality of the world, influences learners, and helps them to bring a change.

Modification of behavior

Mass media can encourage learners to develop good and positive attitudes and possess desirable values and habits.

Reinforces Group Dynamics

Mass media helps in reinforcing group dynamics by enabling the learners to act together.

Accurate Knowledge

Mass media ensures to transfer of accurate knowledge and information to the learners so that they can have clarity of the matter.

Education has evolved a lot since before. Knowledge is not imparted only through textbooks. External sources like mass media constantly play an essential role in increasing the awareness of learners about various things. Hence, they serve as an important social agency of education.

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