What are the Functions of Home Family as an Agency of Education B.Ed

Education refers to the process of facilitating the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, moral values, beliefs, habits, learning, and personal development. Education is compulsory for individuals of a certain age in many countries. Educational methods consist of teaching, learning, training, discussion, directed research, storytelling, and more.

Education is an individual’s dynamic force and plays a highly influential role in a person’s mental, emotional, social, physical, creative, spiritual, and ethical development. It helps an individual to go through various experiences and implement these experiences in creating a meaningful life. Socrates states,

“Education means the bring out of the ideas of universal validity which are latent in the mind of every man”.


Function of Home Family as an Agency of Education

The function of the home family as an agency of education is as follows:


The home environment should be positive, stimulating, and encouraging so that learners can feel motivated to learn.


Establishing a simple and realistic schedule to facilitate home education is necessary so that learning can take place every day despite other preoccupations.


Learning should be flexible and suit the lifestyle of the learners. Families must ensure that the learners can participate in learning every day and utilize this flexibility to their advantage without procrastination.


Family support is highly essential when learners are receiving education at home so that they do not feel discouraged to continue learning and become educated.

Adequate Learning Resources

The provision of adequate learning resources and materials must be ensured by the family so that learning takes place effectively.


Despite the flexibility offered by learning at home, it is necessary for families to be strict and rigid with the learning schedule of the learners.

Effective Teaching Sources

Implementation of effective teaching sources whether online or offline is necessary for the learners to clarify their doubts and grasp the clear comprehension of the lessons.

Education is necessary for enabling individuals to become better citizens of the world and contribute to society. In the words of Aristotle,

“Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body it develops men faculty especially his mind so that he may be able to enjoy the implementation of supreme court goodness and beauty of which perfect happiness essentially consist.

” Family plays an essential role in fostering the education of individuals. Hence, they must cater to the learner’s needs effectively.”

What are the Functions of Home Family as an Agency of Education 
What are the Functions of Home Family as an Agency of Education 

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