What Elements must a Thesis statement have in a Division and classification essay. Identify?

What Elements must a thesis statement in a division and classification essay. Identify?

A thesis statement usually appears in the first paragraph explaining the essay’s purpose. It provides readers the primary idea of what the essay is going to be about in a sentence. The readers are given a sense of direction on where the essay is heading in the beginning itself. It explains the analysis or argument that will be discussed in the essay. The thesis statement should be short and simple in one or two lines. Just one idea should be expressed in a thesis statement. Example: Hard work is the key to success.

Elements of a Thesis Statement

The three key elements of classification and division essay in the introduction part are:

i). a thesis statement,

ii). a description of the main topic, and 

iii). the first main division statement, that explains the reason for breaking down the topicinto parts.

It is important to remember: 

• The thesis statement should come at the end of introductory paragraph detailing the essay’s motive. 

• It should list down the topic, the subtopics, and the purpose of dividing the topic in such a manner.

• The thesis statement should be concise, clear and coherent in just a few lines. 

Division and Classification Essay 

A division and classification essay as the name suggests is dividing a large subject into smaller ones for a better and clear understanding. It classifies the subject into several subgroups based on their characteristics. A classification essay has three characteristics, i.e., the set, scheme, and classes. The main goal of classification and division essay is to help readers in getting an in-depth understanding of a topic. The purpose is to make the essay more manageable and specific. 

Therefore, classification essay emphasises on different items sharing something in common. It breaks the items into categories and classifies them. A division essay focuses on one item and divides it into smaller parts making it easier for understanding.

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