What are the kinds of Sentences used in an Academic Essay? Explain their Functions with Examples.

What are the kinds of sentences used in an academic essay? Explain their functions with Examples.

A sentence is a word or a group of words used to provide a statement, ask a question, or to exclaim. A sentence is used to express our thoughts and ideas aloud. Sentences help us to communicate effectively and understand one another clearly. According to English Grammar,

 “A sentence is defined as a group of words containing a subject and a verb expressing the complete sense of a statement, or a question”.

 There are four types of sentences used in an academic essay, which are:

• Declarative sentence (statement)

• Interrogative sentence (question)

• Imperative sentence (command)

• Exclamative sentence (exclamation)

Types of Sentences with their Functions and Examples 

There are four different types of sentences: Declarative sentence (statement), Interrogative sentence (question), Imperative sentence (command), and Exclamative sentence (exclamation). Each type of sentence is used to express different emotions and feelings. Let us understand the four types of sentences in detail. 

I). Declarative Sentence (statement)

Declarative sentences is used for making a statement. It is the most commonly used type of sentence. The statement ends with a full stop. Declarative sentences provide some information which may be positive or negative. Example: I like eating pizza is a positive statement. I do not like eating pizza is a negative statement. 

II). Interrogative Sentence (question)

Interrogative sentences is used for asking a question. They want some information and hencethe sentence always ends with a question mark. Interrogative sentences can be positive or negative. Example: Did you eat your dinner? (Positive). Didn’t you eat your dinner? (Negative). 

III). Imperative Sentence (command)

Imperative sentences is used to give a command. It is used to tell someone to do something. These sentences end with a full stop or an exclamation mark (!). Imperative sentences can be positive or negative. Example: Give her the book is a positive statement. Don’t give her the book is a negative statement. 

IV). Exclamative Sentence (exclamation)

Exclamative sentences is used to express an emotion or a feeling of surprise. The sentencesalways end with an exclamation mark (!). Example: What a fun day!, or, How interesting the book was!

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