Structure and Characteristics of Comparison and Contrast Essay with Examples & Topics

Structure and Characteristics of Comparison and contrast essay with Examples & Topics

Compare means to show the similarities, and contrast means to show the differences between two things. Comparison and Contrast essay shows readers the similarities and/or differences between two subjects. Comparison essay gives details on how the two subjects are similar, while contrast essay gives details on how the two subjects are different. It is used to show what separates or connects the two subjects together. The two things being compared or contrasted usually belong to the same group such as two cars, two sports or two foods. A good compare and contrast essay must clearly state the similarities and differences between two subjects and be highly informative to the readers.

Structure of Comparison and Contrast Essay 

A comparison and contrast paragraph essay consists of three main parts: introduction, the body, and a conclusion. Introduction is the first part of a paragraph which gives the readers an idea about what is going to be explained about the topic. Next is the body or supporting details which forms the middle part of the paragraph. It explains the topic in full detail and gives all the necessary information related to the topic. Conclusion is the final paragraph which ties up everything that has been said together and summarises the main points from the topic. 

Characteristics of Comparative and Contrast Essay 

  • i). It compares and contrasts between two things, i.e., it states the similarities and differences between the two subjects. 
  • ii). The subjects chosen should have at least some characteristics related with one another tobe compared. 
  • iii). Show the unexpected similarities and differences between the two subjects. 
  • iv). Clearly state the subjects that are to be compared, or contrasted, or both, and what is to be learned from it. 

Topics for Comparison and Contrast Essay 

• Organic and non-organic foods 

• Movies vs books 

• Motorcycles vs Cars 

• Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree

• Internship Report vs Research paper

• Public transport vs Private transport 

Therefore, compare and contrast essay analyses two or more subjects with one another highlighting the similarities and differences between them.

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