Purpose and Characteristics of Division or Classification Essays 

Purpose and Characteristics of Division or Classification Essays

A division and classification essay as the name suggests is dividing a large subject into smaller ones for a better and clear understanding. It classifies the subject into severalsubgroups based on their characteristics. A classification essay consists of three characteristics, i.e., the set, scheme, and classes. The main goal of classification and division essay is to help readers in getting an in-depth understanding of a topic. The purpose is to make the essay more manageable and specific. 

What is a Classification Essay? 

A classification essay emphasises on different items sharing something in common. It breaks the items into categories and classifies them.

What is a Division Essay?

A division essay focuses on one item and divides it into smaller parts making it easier for understanding.

Characteristics of a Classification Essay 


A set needs to have common characteristics to be classified. The class must have unique features. 


A scheme refers to the quality, standard, category, or function by which the set is divided into categories. This is the principle of selection for separating the set into parts. 


A class begins with an explanation of the description, identification features of the members, and differentiates the members of that class from another class. 

Difference between Division and Classification Essay 

One important difference between division essays and classification essays is that in classification essays, the members of each class is distinct from the members of another class whereas in division essays, individual parts may be members of more than one subsystem. It breaks one whole item into parts. 

Classification focuses on a variety of things that have something in common. Division focuses on only one thing and separates that thing into parts or categories for a closer study.


To conclude, a division and classification essay discrete’s a subject into smaller parts so that the readers get a clear understanding of the topic. This makes the topic simple and easy for the readers helping them to collect the written information accurately without difficulty. It makes working in a subject easier for the writer as well.

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