Discuss the Features of Narration as a Rhetorical Mode in Academic Writing with Examples.

Discuss the Features of Narration as a Rhetorical Mode in Academic Writing with Examples.

Narrative is a rhetorical mode that tells a story or describes a series of events in detail. It may be long stories or short stories. Narration may be both fictional or non- fictional. Narration keeps the story moving forward in the right direction. Narration makes the readers understand the story clearly without causing any confusion. Narration must be done in a logical pattern and hence it follows a chronological order. Chronological order means describing an event from beginning to end in the actual way that it happened. 

Elements of a Narrative Writing 

Most narratives include five main elements which consists of: plot, setting, character, conflict, and theme.

The Plot

The plot means the events that will occur throughout the story such as what happened, how and when. The plot is the main element in a story to grab the audiences attention and make them wanting to read more.

The Characters

The characters include people or animals who move the story forward through their words and actions. The main character of a story is known as a protagonist. There may be severalother supporting characters which is necessary to make the story interesting.

The Setting

The setting means the place where the story is taking place. It may take place in one location, or several locations. It will describe the country, the time period the story is occurring in, the weather, the surroundings, and the types of infrastructure. 

The Conflict

Conflicts are necessary to make the story interesting and exciting. It makes the climax of a story which is action-packed part. The characters may be in a danger, have a huge problem to be solved, or have an intense fight with the villain. Looking forward as to how the characterswill overcome these issues is what keeps the readers interested and turning pages in a story.

The Theme

The theme is an important part of a narrative story. It is the moral of the story that the author wants to pass on to the readers through its writing. For example the theme maybeof love, hope, friendship, bravery, etc.