What are the 3 parts of a paragraph? What are the three types of paragraphs in an academic essay?

A paragraph is a collection of well-organised sentences generally compromising of three parts, i.e., an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Introduction is the first part of a paragraph which gives the readers an idea about what is going to be explained about the topic. Next is the body or supporting details which forms the middle part of the paragraph. Itexplains the topic in full detail and gives all the necessary information related to the topic. Conclusion is the final paragraph which ties up everything that has been said together and summarises the main points from the topic. 

Three types of Paragraphs in an Academic Essay 

The three types of paragraphs are descriptive, narrative, and expository paragraph. 

I. The Descriptive Paragraph 

The descriptive paragraph describes to the readers what a person, place, an event or a thing is like by describing it vividly. The readers are able to get a clear idea about what the author is talking about without experiencing or being present physically. 

II. The Narrative Paragraph 

Narrative paragraph tells a story in detail. It may be long stories or short stories. It usually follows a chronological order. 

III. The Expository Paragraph

Expository paragraph explains something, provides information, or give direction and instruction to the readers. It’s purpose is help the readers understand something. The writing should be simple and the explanation should be clear for the readers to understand. 

Final Words 

Hence, one can choose the type of paragraph they need for their writing from the above three types of paragraphs. The type of paragraph used solely depends on the kind of writing being done. A good paragraph is able to explain everything briefly and with clarity to the readers. Using one of these type of paragraph will make the reading more exciting and interesting for the people to read.