What is the Main Idea/Thesis Statement of the Essay? Define Thesis Statement for Success Definition Essay 

What is the main idea/thesis statement of the essay? Define Thesis statement for Success Definition Essay

A thesis statement and the main idea are both important structures of an essay. The main idea is the whole notion that is being discussed in an essay. A thesis statement is a one or two line sentence that generally is on the introductory paragraph explaining the essay’s purpose. Just one idea should be expressed in a thesis statement.

Thesis Statement of an Essay 

A thesis statement usually appears in the first paragraph of an essay that state’s the essay’s motive. It provides readers the primary idea of what the essay is going to be about in a sentence. The readers are given a sense of direction on where the essay is heading in the beginning itself. It explains the analysis or argument that will be discussed in the essay. The thesis statement should be short and simple which is concise and clear in a few lines. Example: Hard work will pay off and lead to a successful life. 

Main Idea of an Essay 

The main idea is the central part of an essay. It states to the readers what is going to be explained throughout the essay. It gives an idea on the whole concept of an essay as to what it is about. The thesis statement is connected with the idea of an essay. The main idea briefly describes the topic giving readers a clear idea about the essay. The key concept of an essay is an essential piece of information the writer needs to provide its readers to keep them interested. 

Tips for a Successful Thesis Statement 

Some tips that would help in making a good thesis statement are: 

• It should be concise 

The thesis statement should be short and clear in a line or two. It should be precise, direct and easily understandable.

• It should be specific 

The statement should have a specific topic or argument. Having several topics will make the writing vague and weak. 

• It Should include evidence 

The thesis paper should be supported with evidence to convince the readers with your opinion. This can be done by including relevant examples. 

• Coherent

The thesis statement should be coherent not drifting away from the main idea of the essay topic. 

These are few of the tips that will help to make your thesis statement excellent and successful. A strong thesis statement will also give direction to your paper and an idea onadding just the necessary points about the topic.

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