Describe National Repository of Open Educational  Resources (NROER) in Detail

National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER) is an initiative taken by the Ministry of Education to offer learning resources for all school subjects and grades in multiple languages. Learners can also gain information about NROER and resource contribution. It is developed by CIET, NCERT, and was launched during the National Conference on ICT for School Education on 13 August 2013 in New Delhi. It was launched in partnership with the Department of School Education and Literacy, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, and the Government of India.

Objectives of the National Repository of Open Educational  Resources (NROER)

The main aims and objectives of the National Repository of Open Educational  Resources (NROER) in school education are as follows:

Enhance Data and Information Security

Students can collect information and data through NROER related to their learning online with ease and security.

Become Paperless

Through NROER, the usage of paper can be eliminated which leads to an eco-friendly practice.

Enhance the Modes of Communication

NROER facilitates improved modes of communication for the teaching-learning process.

Promote Cost-effective Education

NROER is a cost-effective way of imparting knowledge to learners. It minimizes cost and saves time.

Automate Solutions

NROER automates solutions to manual paper-based processes and procedures.

Enhance Teaching and Learning Methods

The use of technology eases and improves the overall teaching-learning process.

Increase Connectivity

Web-based LMS tools enable students to connect with their educators. It also facilitates connectivity for scholars, researchers, and all those involved in the educational field.

Ease Student Management

It becomes easier for teachers to manage the students effectively.

Promote Interaction

NROER facilitates collaborative teaching and learning methods making the entire process highly interactive.

Promote Direct classroom teaching

Teaching can take place anywhere. It helps spread awareness of the social impact of technology in education.

NROER also includes web-based content repositories, learning management systems, interactive forums, and management information systems. Learners can access various educational resources such as videos, audios, images, documents and interactive modules.

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