Objective and Challenges of ICT in School Education 

Information and Communication Technologies refer to the various tools, devices, content, forums, resources, and services that can be converted into or delivered through digital platforms. They can be employed for reaching the goals of the teaching-learning process, enhancing the accessibility of learning resources, building capacities, and for the management of the educational system as well. They not only include hardware devices and software applications connected to computers, but also interactive digital content, the internet, and other satellite communication devices like the radio and television.

Objectives of ICT in School Education

The objectives of ICT in school education are as follows:

Enhance the Modes of Communication

ICT facilitates improved modes of communication for the teaching-learning process.

Promote Cost-effective Education

ICT is a cost-effective way of imparting knowledge to learners. It minimizes cost and saves time.

Become Paperless

Through ICT, the usage of paper can be eliminated which leads to an eco-friendly practice.

Enhance Teaching and Learning Methods

The use of technology eases and improves the overall teaching-learning process.

Enhance Data and Information Security

Students can collect information and data related to their learning online with ease and security.

Ease Student Management

It becomes easier for teachers to manage the students effectively.

Automate Solutions

ICT automates solutions to manual paper-based processes and procedures.

Promote Interaction

ICT facilitates collaborative teaching and learning methods making the entire process highly interactive.

Promote Direct classroom teaching

Teaching can take place anywhere. It helps spread awareness of the social impact of technology in education.

Increase Connectivity

Web-based LMS tools enable students to connect with their educators. It also facilitates connectivity for scholars, researchers, and all those involved in the educational field.

Challenges of ICT in School Education

  1. There is a lack of accessibility to ICT in various areas of the country.
  2. Many schools stick to traditional methods of teaching.
  3. Concerns about the quality of ICT and issues of equity in the same have been emerging.
  4. Many schools and instructors find it difficult to use ICT in the teaching-learning process.
  5. There is a lack of ICT training offered to teachers which affect the quality of education.

ICT also includes web-based content repositories, learning management systems, interactive forums, and management information systems.

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