Meaning, Need, Types of Occupational Information Service in Guidance and Counselling 

Meaning, Need, Types of Occupational Information Service in Guidance and Counselling

According to Hoppock, occupational information is “any and all kinds of information regarding any position, job, or occupation” and “occupational information and facts about jobs for use in career planning”. 

C. E. Shartle defined occupational information as an “accurate and usable information about jobs and occupations”.

It is stated that, “Occupational information refers to the collection of details about occupational and educational opportunities”. Occupational information services is meant forproviding information to pupils on various occupations so that they make use decision and choices. To keep the students well informed about different occupational services is as significant as any other information. Students should know the pros and cons of a career and understand the world of work by providing useful information. 

Roberts described vocational exploration as “the process by which the client learns about the world of work as it relates to interest, prior knowledge, etc. It may involve the use df occupational information, field visits to business and industry, or actual job tryouts”.

Gannaway defined that “occupational exploration is an ongoing process of information gathering and reality testing . . . and may be thought of as groping for a vocational identity or role . . . it continues even after first employment experiences”.

Need of Occupational Information Services

The need of occupational information services are as follows:

1). Gives idea and knowledge to the students for their future occupation. 

2). Assist students about the working world by providing them accurate and useful information. 

3). It provides information about the different vocational courses. 

4). Useful for assisting individuals to select options based on their aptitudes, interests, and skills.

5). It gives information on all essential details about an occupation such as job description, salary, education and training, skills, values, abilities, etc. 

6). Occupational information helps in proper career planning by providing reliable information on occupational opportunities. 

7). Occupational information is useful for an individual’s career development and growth. 

8). Occupational information leads pupils in vocational thinking since an early age and explore the vocational world. 

9). It helps students to understand the skills and abilities required for their interested job and work on those traits. 

10). Occupational information is essential in making effective career decisions since higher school level. 

Importance of Occupational Information Services 

The importance of occupational information services include the following: 

1). It provides useful and trustworthy information regarding jobs and occupations to students from school level. 

2). Gives students an idea on what they want to become when they grow up from a young age. 

3). Students are able to choose the subject according to their interested career path to gain valuable knowledge and develop skills necessary for it. 

4). It provides information on training facilities and internships available to the students based on their interested occupational path. 

5). It is essential for an individual’s career development, career adjustment, career planning, and career advancement. 

6). It is important for providing all the necessary details about an occupation to the students before they decide to join that path. 

7). Students can choose subjects in school and further on career in future based on their interests, capabilities, values, and skills. 

8). Students derive an idea on the training they should take during their free time to sharpen and refine their skills for the considered occupation. 

Thus, Occupational Information Services makes students ready for the vocational world by given them assistance on all necessary information about an occupation. This helps students to advance and achieve faster in their career and succeed in the occupation they are interested.

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