What are the Principles, Need and Objectives of Group Guidance

Group guidance is assistance given to a group of people together facing similar problems. Many times people may be going through similar issues and need the guidance of someone else. Through a joint session, there problems can be discussed and worked on getting solved. The group may also help each other as they have similar issues. 

In the words of Crow and Crow,

“Guidance in group situations usually is thought of as referring to those guidance services that are made available by school personnel to large or small groups of pupils.”

Group guidance can be carried on in forms of:

i). Lectures or Talks

ii). Orientation classes

iii). Demonstrations and role-plays

According to Jone,

“Group guidance is any group enterprise or activity in which the primary purpose is to assist each individual in the group to solve his problems and to make his adjustments.”

Principles of Group Guidance 

The principles of group guidance are as follows: 

1). To help numerous students overcome their difficulties and problems at the same time. 

2). The group of people should for the group guidance should be homogeneous in nature. 

3). Group guidance is a group activity aiming to help a number of people people at one time. 

4). The solutions and guidance provided should be helpful for every individual present in the group. 

5). To provide a sense of belongingness among others to every individual member of the group. 

6). To build strong feeling of unity and understanding among the people of the group. 

7). To build friendly relationship and comfortable atmosphere among the members of the group guidance. 

Need of Group Guidance 

The need of group guidance are as mentioned below: 

1). It provides an opportunity for people to interact and discuss problems one another facing similar issues. 

2). It helps in the positive development of student’s personality, behaviours and attitudes. 

3). Students learn to adjust with one another and be there for one another in times of need. 

4). Students get an understanding that everyone faces problems in life and together it is much more easier to overcome it. 

5). Group guidance brings people facing same problems together and help one another overcome several circumstances if possible. 

6). Group guidance makes students open minded, free, and comfortable around their peers. 

7). Group guidance makes an individual realise they’re not alone and everyone faces problems in life. 

8). Students learn how to work as a team and have feelings of empathy and sympathy for one another. 

Objectives of Group Guidance

The objectives of group guidance are the following: 

1). To help an individual solve their personal problems via group discussion and group judgement. 

2). To help each individual of the group to adjust with one another.

3). To help individuals understand themselves better and be comfortable in their own skin. 

4). To help individuals discover their strengths, weaknesses, problems, and personal needs. 

5). To help individuals overcome feelings of frustration, anxiety, pain, etc. 

6). To make individuals feel comfortable with one another so they can freely share their personal problems as well. 

7). To provide a safe place for people facing similar problems and difficulties, and help overcome those problems. 

8). To make individuals aware of their personal problems through the process of group guidance. 

Hence, group guidance is of great help for students to solve their problems while working together as a group with people facing same problems. Group guidance develops sympathetic feelings for one another, treat each other with kindness, be there for others during times and need, and face the most difficult times together. Overall, it makes a person with good character and personality.