Aims and Objectives of Personal Guidance B.Ed Notes

Aims and Objectives of personal Guidance B.Ed Notes

According to Ruth Strang,

“Guidance is a process of helping every individual, through his own efforts, to discover and develop his potentialities for his personal happiness and social usefulness.”

Personal Guidance is concerned with personal matters of a person. It is the guidance provided to an individual concerning family, relationship, work, and social matters. Personal guidance and counselling develops positive behaviours and attitudes in an individual concerning every aspect of life. It helps to solve emotional and psychological problems with a positive mindset. Personal guidance enables a person to adjust in their environment and improve their well-being while bringing them mental peace. 

Personal guidance helps in the emotional, physical, spiritual, social and mental development of an individual. Personal guidance maybe can also be faced by students relating to family, friends, teachers and others. During such times even students needs guidance from an elderly to handle the problems. Without personal guidance, students can develop low self-esteem,social anxiety, and hatred for others. Providing personal guidance to students at necessary times is crucial for their well-being. Personal guidance is required at every stage of life and should be considered as a mandatory part of educational institutions. 

Definitions of Personal Guidance by Authors 

1). In the words of Hopkins, “Personal guidance is that guidance which is concerned with the problems of health, emotional adjustments and social adjustment of an individual. It also includes his recreation and leisure-time problems.” 

2). According to Ruth Strang, “Personal guidance is the assistance given to an individual to solve his personal problems, such as emotional and social adjustment, economic and social relationship and problems connected with his physical as well as mental health.”

3). Crow and Crow defined, “Personal Guidance refers to help given an individual toward a better adjustment in the development of attitudes and behaviour in all areas of life.”

4). According to Wilson, “The purpose of personal guidance is to help the individual in his physical, emotional, social, moral and spiritual developments and adjustment.” 

Aims of Personal Guidance 

The aims of personal guidance are as follows: 

1). To focus on the all personal and social needs of an individual. 

2). To assist individuals in overcoming their personal problems. 

3). To develop personal and social qualities in individuals.

4). To assist each individual in identifying their strengths and weaknesses. 

5). To help develop right habits, behaviour, and attitude. 

6). To help individuals have a positive mindset and an optimistic outlook in life. 

7). To help in the personality development and overall development of an individual. 

8). To help individuals overcome feelings of insecurity. 

Objectives of Personal Guidance 

The objectives of personal guidance are the following: 

1). To assist each individual in getting a better understanding of themselves. 

2). To help individuals in recognising their personal problems and how to overcome it.

3). To assist individuals in their all round development. 

4). To assist the individuals in taking independent decisions. 

5). To make every individual a responsible citizen of the society. 

6). To develop feelings of kindness, love, trust, loyalty, care, sympathy, etc in individuals for others. 

7). To help every individual to become a person of sound moral character. 

8). To assist individuals on solving their personal problems logically. 

9). To help individuals in overcoming feelings of anger, frustration, tension, stress, conflict,and confusion. 

10). To help people make satisfactory psychological adjustment with the environment. 

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