India as an Evolving Nation: Vision, Nature and Salient Features 

The Indian Constitution is one of the world’s longest constitutions having 12 schedules and 448 articles. The Indian Constitution incorporates several articles inspired by various constitutions worldwide. India is a diverse country and drafting a long Constitution that incorporates many provisions to resolve differences was necessary.

The Government of India Act 1935 was the parent document for drafting the Indian Constitution. The incorporation of various provisions to offer special emphasis to States like Assam, Mizoram, and Nagaland was considered to be important by the reConstitution makers. Emphasis was laid on the development and welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes too.

Vision, Nature, and Salient Features of Evolving India


India as an evolving nation can be said to revolve mainly around the country’s digital transformation. The Digital India program has been formulated to transform India into a country that is digitally empowered and boasts of a good knowledge economy. There are three key visions of this program which are as follows:

  1. Digital Infrastructure as a Core Utility to Every Citizen
  2. Governance & Services on Demand
  3. Digital Empowerment of Citizens

Nature of Evolving India

  • India is focusing on the Self-dependency model for new entrepreneurs to boost the economy.
  • India focuses on “Make in India” model which is giving rise to new businesses.
  • Evolving India aims to serve its citizens to access high-speed internet.
  • It offers mobile phones and bank accounts to enable citizens to participate in the digital and financial sphere.
  • It aims to offer easy access to a Common Service Centre.
  • It also facilitates shareable private space on a public cloud to foster safe and secure cyberspace.

Salient Features of Evolving India

  1. Along with these features, it aims to Seamlessly integrate services across various departments or jurisdictions.
  2. It seeks to foster the real-time accessibility of services through online & mobile platforms.
  3. It ensures to make all citizen entitlements portable and available on the cloud.
  4. To improve the ease of operating businesses, it offers digitally transformed services.
  5. It aims to make financial transactions electronic & cashless.
  6. To foster development and decision support systems, it promotes Leveraging Geospatial Information Systems (GIS).
  7. Evolving India aims to universalize digital literacy through accessible digital resources.
  8. It seeks to make digital resources/services in Indian languages widely available.
  9. It also promotes collaborative digital platforms for participative governance.
  10. It does not ask citizens for the physical submission of their documents/certificates.
India as an Evolving Nation Vision, Nature and Salient Features
India as an Evolving Nation: Vision, Nature and Salient Features 

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