What are the Principles of Teaching and Learning in Education? 

J B Hough and James K Duncan stated,

“Teaching is an activity with four phases, a curriculum planning phase, an instructing phase, and an evaluating phase.”

This definition presents the organisational aspect by which we can describe and analyze the teaching process.

Woodsworth expressed,

“Any activity can be called learning so far as it develops the individual (in any respect, good or bad) and makes him alter behaviour and experiences different from what that would otherwise have been.”

Principles of Teaching 

Teaching is an interactive process between one one teaching and another person learning. Teaching is considered both an art and a science. Teaching is a continuous process for development and learning.

The main principles of teaching are the following: 

• Providing relevant knowledge to the learners. 

• Creating a positive and active learning environment. 

• To guide, direct and instruct a learner. 

• Encourage communication between teachers and students and build healthy relationship between them. 

• Transfer useful and meaningful information and facts to learners.

• Provide honest and fair feedback to students.

• Encourage diversity and develop respect in students for one another.

• Encourage teachers and students to work as a team and have frequent interaction from both sides.

• To improve the knowledge and skills of an individual.

Principles of Learning

Learning provides new skills and knowledge to a person. Learning is considered to be a continuous and life long process. Learning is an ongoing activity beginning at birth and lasting till one’s death. Everyday is a learning process by the things we do and experiencefrom the interactions with our environment. 

The main principles of learning are as follows: 

• Acquire relevant skills and meaningful knowledge.

• Motivation in learning and practice what is learned regularly. 

• Encourage learners to participate actively in the learning process.

• Providing fair and unbiased feedback to the learners about their performance and progress. 

• Focus on the training and development of learners.

• Socialising and transmitting useful knowledge to one another. 

• Develop positive attitude and behaviour in an individual.

Teaching and learning are closely related and one cannot exist without the other. Teaching is necessary to teach someone. Teaching makes learning an effective process.