Methods of teaching in institutions of higher learning offline vs online methods UGC NET

Methods of teaching in institutions of higher learning offline vs online methods UGC NET

The methods of education have undergone a vast change due to the emergence and advent in the field of technology. More flexible modes of teaching have emerged due to the onset of online learning platforms. Students can gain access to learning materials and resources easily and conveniently which also allows them to learn at their own pace. However, it can also be stated that online education has been helpful in inculcating the spirit of punctuality and time management among learners. Online platforms also offer educational resources to a great extent easily. The traditional counterpart of online education, offline education cannot be overlooked as it still plays a significant role even in the modern age. While online platforms have made education highly accessible and convenient, it certainly cannot be seen as a replacement for offline or traditional forms of education. 

OnlineTeaching Methods

● In online teaching, digital tools and technologies are used for learning. The classrooms are virtual and it is more cost-efficient and time-efficient.

● Online classes are known to have a flexible schedule. Communication and collaboration also take place in a digital form. 

● The approach in online teaching methods is facilitation and asynchronous. 

● The level of commitment and the  pace of learning is determined by the students. 

Offline Classes:

● In offline teaching, students can take part in practical learning and make theoretical knowledge practical. 

● There are certain subjects such as physical education, Chemistry, and the like in which learning cannot take place without the physical presence of students.

● Offline education is beneficial in contributing to the overall development of the learners. 

● Unlike online education, there are no technical issues in offline education and hence, neither teacher nor learners are required to be tech-savvy.

● In offline classes, face to face interaction is mandatory. 

These are the major factors that differentiate and characterise online and offline teaching methods.

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