Factors Affecting Teaching Related to: Teacher, Learner, Support Material UGC NET

Factors Affecting Teaching Related to: Teacher, Learner, Support Material UGC NET

Gage (1963 states,

“Teaching is a form of interpersonal influence aimed at changing the behaviour potential of another person.”

Robertson (1987) adds,

“Teaching is a generic term which denotes actions undertaken with the intention of bringing about learning in another.”

Edmund Amidon (1967) states,

“Teaching is an interactive process, primarily involving classroom talk which takes place between teacher and pupil and occurs during certain definable activities”.

The factors affecting teaching are as follows:

1. Staying Updated with Technology:

Technology even in the sphere of academics keeps getting updated on a frequent basis. As such, it is necessary for teachers to stay updated with new technologies. To enhance the learning process, new tools and technologies are created almost every year. However, the lack of funding to implement these technologies and the lack of time to practise its use is often a challenge for teachers.

2. Creating Engaging Lessons According to the Curriculum:

Gaining the attention of students in the classroom is highly difficult and to do the same, teachers must often put in extra effort to make the lessons more engaging and interesting. As such, they must always come up with novel ideas and unique teaching methods for an engaging and enlightening learning session.

3. Lack of Effective Communication:

When aiming to establish a stronger and better communication with their learners, teachers may often face a difficulty. Students may not know how to ask for help or communicate with the teacher effectively.

4. Different Learning Styles and Levels:

In a single classroom, there are students with different learning styles and levels. Teachers, therefore, cannot stick to just one method of teaching as it may not be suitable for all students. Therefore, to take into account the learning styles of all students, teachers must think from a strategic point of view.

5. Communication with Parents:

To keep a check on the progress of the students, the teachers must communicate with the parents of the students and keep them updated.

According to John Brubacher (1939),

“Teaching is the arrangement and manipulation of a situation in which there are gaps or obstructions which an individual will seek to overcome and from which he will learn in the course of doing so”.

Richard White proposed nine principles of teaching which include:

“the principle of vocabulary, principle of innovation, principle of matching, principle of minimum expenditure of energy, principle of variation, principle of balance, principle of maximum opportunity, and the principle of support.”

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