Social Needs of Children for Social Development with Suggestions


Social development refers to the development of social skills in an individual. According to JE Anderson,

“Development is concerned with growth as well as those changes in behavior which results from environmental situations”.

Social interaction helps children activate their developmental process which would not be possible in isolation. Social environment also offers a safe and secure environment to acquire language naturally. Social environment also aids in the development of children’s mental abilities so that they can adjust in society.

Social Needs of Children For Social Development with Suggestions

The social needs of children for social development are as follows:

Social Skills

Social skills are the skills that enable humans to survive in a society and contribute to the society as well. Children need to have the ability to interact with others in society. Hence, developing social skills from an early age can be helpful.

Educational Needs

Education is of utmost importance because it helps in the overall development of an individual. Social development enables children to acquire knowledge in a natural manner. Hence, it is important to encourage social development in children so that they can learn effectively.

Listening skills

Social development helps children to develop listening skills which is one of the most important skills in learning. Therefore, children should be encouraged to listen more and put what they have listened into practice.

Developing Manners

When children are raised in a society, they grow up believing what they learn in childhood. Hence, it is important to expose children to a society that inculcates good manners in children.


Those who belong to a diverse society have the ability to respect those who are different from them. Social development in a diverse society develops cooperation among children. Hence, cooperation for diversity must be inculcated in children.

Respecting Personal Space

During infancy, one cannot differentiate self from others but as individuals transition from childhood to adulthood, they tend to separate self from others. Social development allows them to recognize their personal space and respect the personal space of others. Hence, this characteristic must be inculcated among children.

Having Directions

The ability to make decisions and have directions in life is important. Interacting with other people allows children to gain a new perspective of the world. Therefore, children must be encouraged to socialize with people who can help them move forward in life.


These are some social needs for social development in children. Children learn to express themselves and develop behavioural abilities through social development.

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