Factors Affecting Social Development of the Children


Social development in child development means the improvement of the well being of a child in the society in order to enable them to be aware of their potentials and enhance them. Investment in people can be termed as social development. Social development in child development includes their capability to organize their behavior and interact with others. It is the process through which a child acquires the culture and language of the community he or she is raised in. JE Anderson states,

“Development is concerned with growth as well as those changes in behavior which results from environmental situations”.

Factors Affecting Social Development

The factors affecting social development of children are as follows:


The social development of a child can depend on environmental factors. A child needs a proper and well nourished environment for proper development. A child who is nurtured in an interactive environment will have better social skills over a child who is nurtured in an isolated environment.

Socio-economic Status

Children belonging to poor families may not have the resources required for proper social development which may cause them to shy away from interacting with people.

Home Atmosphere

Home is the first place children learn to socialize in. A child belonging to a happy family and having a positive home atmosphere is likely to have better social development.


The amount and quality of affection received by a child also determines their social development. Receiving affection enables them to feel secure and confident.

Participation in Activities

The kind of activities children engage in also allows them to develop social skills. Engaging in interactive activities helps in better social development.


The kind of experiences children have when they are interacting with others also affects their social development.

Learning Opportunities

The quality of education and the learning opportunities the children receive also impacts their social development.


These are the major factors that impact the social development of children. Hence, social development in children must be encouraged keeping these factors in mind.

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