Factors Affecting Emotional Development of the Children

Emotional Development

Emotion refers to the stirred or agitated state of being. The term emotion comes from the Latin word “emovere” meaning to move, or to stir, or to agitate. When humans experience fear, disgust, joy, anger, grief, and more, a feeling of agitation or excitement occurs. This is called emotions and includes impulses, feelings, psychological reactions, and physical reactions.

Factors Affecting Emotional Development in Adolescence

The factors affecting the emotional development of children are as follows:


Family is the first group of people children is exposed to. The kind of environment a child is exposed to when they are with their family affects their development because they feel emotions related to these experiences. A child who belongs to a family where abuse, violence, and the like is prevalent is more likely to experience negative emotions. Hence, having a positive family environment is crucial for emotional development.


After family, a school is a place where children interact with others. Hence, the kind of interaction children have with others also affects whether they experience positive emotions or negative emotions. Hence, the school must be responsible for the positive emotional development of children.


The experiences children encounter during childhood can also have an impact on their emotional development. Having a source of primary attachment enables them to build emotions of trust and security.


Children who receive a lot of affection during their childhood have a positive emotional development while those who do not receive the same may lag behind.


The kind of environment a child is exposed to during their childhood is also essential and determines the emotional development of a child.


A child belonging to a poor social status and economic background is likely to experience negative emotions which may hinder their emotional development.


Without proper nutrition and nourishment, it is not possible for a child to receive proper and all-around development. Hence, good health is important for emotional development as well as the overall development of a child.


These are the factors that influence the emotional development of children. Hence, it is critical to ensure that parents and teachers take these factors into consideration.