Define Emotions and Its Types, Characteristics in Education B.ED Notes

Meaning of Emotions

The term emotion comes from the Latin word “emovere” meaning to move, or to stir, or to agitate. Emotion, hence, refers to the stirred or agitated state of being. When humans experience fear, disgust, joy, anger, grief, and more, a feeling of agitation or excitement occurs. This is called emotions and includes impulses, feelings, psychological reactions, and physical reactions.

Characteristics of Emotions in Education

The characteristics of emotions are as follows:

  1. Emotion refers to a particular state of mind.
  2. Emotion is an agitated state of mind.
  3. A certain stimulus always arouses an emotion.
  4. Different emotions may be aroused by the same stimulus.
  5. A feeling of pleasantness and unpleasantness characterises emotions.
  6. Emotions are developed by subjective and objective factors.
  7. The intensity of emotion is greater than feeling.

What are the Different Types of Emotions and How They are Expressed ?

There are six basic types of emotions which are as follows:


Happiness refers to a feeling of pleasure and the state of being happy.


Sadness refers to the stage of being sad or unhappy.


Fear is an unpleasant emotion produced by a sense of harm, pain, or danger.


Disgust refers to an unpleasant feeling of disapproval and revulsion.


Anger refers to a feeling of strong annoyance and displeasure.


Surprise refers to a feeling of being astonished at an event or a fact.


There are several emotions human beings go through but these six are the basic emotions experienced by human beings.

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