Advantages and Disadvantages of Task Based Approach in English Language Teaching B.Ed Notes

In language learning, the type of teaching method being used is highly significant. The learner can grasp the concepts of a language more effectively when the teaching method suits them. The task-based learning approach is another method that is used for second language acquisition. Willis (1996) states,

“that several conditions need to be implemented for successful language learning to take place.”

This method evolved from the communicative language teaching method. Brown(1994: 83) adds,

“Task-based learning is not a new method. Rather, it simply puts tasks at the center of one’s methodological focus. It views the learning process as a set of communicative tasks that are directly linked to the curricular goals they serve and the purposes of which extend beyond the practice of language for its own sake”.

Advantages of TBL


Learners are highly motivated to participate in tasks and activities included in this approach.


Learners have to work together in groups which encourages them to cooperate.

Meaningful Interaction

They will also grow accustomed to producing meaningful interaction when working in groups.


The approach also focuses on the previous knowledge and experience of learners.


With this approach, learners can explore the new features of the language they are learning.

Disadvantages of TBL

Seedhouse (1999) states that

“it could be argued that TBL emphasizes too much on tasks and communicating meaning and this could have an impact on how to use the language with the correct form.”

Performing tasks is not enough to develop communication skills completely and successfully.

Skehan (1996) expressed that,

“TBL could have some dangers if it is not executed correctly and could result in affecting the growth and change of the language learners’ interlanguage.”

It may cause barriers in language learning due to the presence of fossilization.

According to Richards and Rodgers (2001),

“TBL is still not convincing, that it is a superior teaching method; it remains an opinion rather than reality and certainty.”

Hedge (2000: 71) adds

“CLT involves the learners in tasks that are meaningful and have some kind of context that represents and reflects the true authentic language as it is applied and used in the real world surroundings. This authentic language is different and outside of the language that is commonly used in the classrooms.”

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