Educational Implications and Importance of Heredity in Child Development


The study of heredity can benefit into educational implications and can also assist a teacher in the better understanding of a student’s behavior and academic performance.

Educational Implications of Heredity

These educational implications of heredity are as follows:

  • Due to the heredity, various traits can be transmitted through their parents which can vary in different students. These variations define a student’s behavior and nature. As a result of the study of these variations, a teacher can make educational plans as per the hereditable traits.
  • The knowledge about heredity can make a teacher aware about the teaching tasks which can be performed in the classroom for the betterment of the student’s learning process.
  • Owing to the hereditable traits, a teacher can come to know about the learning capacities and abilities of the students as per their mental level.
  • Heredity assists in guessing the basic instincts which are acquired from heredity. A teacher can plan to reduce the undesirable basic instincts of a student to turn it into positive instincts.
  • Heredity causes the difference into a female and male student. Therefore, the interests and behavior in the classroom also varies according to the gender so does the instructional plan of a teacher.
  • Heredity causes the physical differences such as color, size, height, eyes and hair color, appearance, etc. These physical differences also play a role in defining the physical development and behavior of a student. Hence, the study of heredity can also benefit a teacher in the better understanding of the student.
  • As per the heredity, a person’s physical appearance is defines which plays a role in the attitude, ego and confidence of the students among their peers. Therefore, the physical appearance also defines a person’s behavior. This study can also assist the teacher to determine the instructional plans.
  • Due to some hereditary traits, such as short height, obesity, underweight physical structure and color issues in some societies, a student may feel embarrassed and can become the victim of bullying in schools and societies. The teacher’s knowledge of these hereditary traits can help the student as well to get out of these undesirable situations.

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