Educational Implications of Heredity and Environment


Heredity and environment are the key factors that play an essential role in child development. The study of heredity can benefit into educational implications and can also assist a teacher in the better understanding of a student’s behavior and academic performance. These educational Implications are as follows:

Educational Implications of Heredity and Environment

Deciding Upon the Instructional Plan

Due to the knowledge of hereditable and environmental factors, a teacher can decide upon the appropriate instruction plan to teach in the class which can help the student to utilize the time in proper ways.

Planning for the Teaching Tasks and Activities

The knowledge of heredity and environment certainly assists the teacher to plan the required teaching tasks and activities based on the environment of the students. The background knowledge certainly helps the classroom environment.

Assistance in Building the Character

Environment and heredity are the key elements to decide upon the fact that a person will be of high morals or low morals, a patriot, a nationalist or a criminal, etc. Therefore, it is a deciding factor to encourage a person to become a good human being or a bad person. Due to the knowledge of these traits, teachers can use these to mold the character.

Encouraging the Student to be Expressive

It depends on the teacher to make the student expressive if he or she understands the environment and the hereditable background of the student related to his or her family, society, or culture.

Prompting to Follow Ideals and Idealistic Behavior

It is evident that the family, culture, tradition, and religion inspire a person to follow and imitate certain ideals and beliefs which gives the teacher a platform to inculcate the appropriate ideas, beliefs, values, and ethics in the students.

Understanding of interest and Capacities

The knowledge of the environment and heredity traits of the student assist the teacher to understand his or her interests, capacities, capabilities which can be enhanced and used for the betterment of the student’s future and career.

Comprehension of the Student’s Personality

The environment and heredity traits undoubtedly play a key role in building the whole personality of an individual. Therefore, it gives a chance to the teacher to understand the habits, reactions, and attitudes of a student.

Creating the Balanced Feelings and Emotions

If a teacher gets to know about the environment and heredity traits that a student possesses, then it can help the teacher to balance the feelings, emotional reactions, and inner beliefs. As the environment and hereditable traits came from parents also determines the emotional reaction to any situation.

Utilization of the Talent in Determining Professional Career

Both environment and heredity decide upon the factors which prompt a student to choose the career and professional as per the background of their family history, biological strength, and attitude. Therefore, the understanding of the environment and hereditable traits makes a teacher work on a student’s capable professional path, talents, and future goals.

Educational Implications
Image: Educational Implications of Heredity and Environment in Child Development

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