Explain the Impact of the Environment on the Early Childhood Development of the Child


Environment refers to the surroundings around us which include living and non-living things. Woodworth states,

“Environment covers all the outside factors that have acted on the individual since he began life.”

A child grows up in various environments such as the home, the school, the family, the neighborhood, and the like. The child interacts with this environment and learns how to socialize, adapt certain psychomotor skills, solve problems, and acquire good habits.

Impacts of Environment

Woodworth’s definition makes it evident that the environment a child is surrounded by has a huge impact on their development which are as follows:

Physical Environment

The physical environment in which the child grows is important. Exposure to certain toxins such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and the like can affect their development in a negative manner. The neighborhoods and the home a child grows up in can influence their behavior and can affect their learning.

Cognitive Environment

Children need healthy support from their parents to ensure the improvement of their cognitive health. If a child’s family is not supportive, they may not be willing to learn and succeed. If they have economic problems, they may lack proper nutrition that helps their brain to develop. All of these cognitive factors can have a negative impact on a child’s development.

Emotional Environment

Emotional security is highly crucial for a child’s overall development. If they do not feel emotionally secure, they may develop trust issues and steer away from bonding with others. An unstable emotional environment will lead children to have a lack of care and attention, and this can lead them to develop mental health issues in the future.

Social Environment

A child’s home and the neighborhood are highly responsible for their social development. It determines the quality of social relationships they will go on to develop. Developing healthy relationships and having positive social connections is important for a child to interact and develop socially. Children who grow up in a positive social environment are likely to be more motivated and pursue their goals.


Children are highly influenced by the environment they grow up in. Hence, a healthy environment is essential to ensure a child’s overall development.

Impacts of Environment
Image: Impact and Effects of Environment on Child Development

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