Environment means the physical surrounding in which a person comes in contact with including family, school, neighborhood, society, culture, etc. The understanding of the environment from which a student comes can play a vital role for the teacher to make the student a better person and for many academic activities. Therefore, it becomes important to comprehend the whole idea behind a student’s environment.

The Importance of Environment for Child Development

The understanding of the environment plays an important part which is discussed as follows:

Building the Character

The environment is a key element to decide upon the fact that a person will be of high morals or low morals, a patriot, a nationalist or a criminal, etc. Therefore, it is a deciding factor to encourage a person to become a good human being or a bad person.

Makes the Student Expressive

It depends on the teacher to make the student expressive if he or she understands the environment of the student related to his or her family, society, or culture.

To Follow Ideals and Idealistic Behavior

It is evident that culture, tradition, and religion inspire a person to follow and imitate certain ideals and beliefs which gives the teacher a platform to inculcate those ideals, beliefs, values, and ethics in the students.

Understanding of interest and Capacities

The knowledge of the environment of the student assists the teacher to understand his or her interests, capacities, capabilities which can be enhanced and used for the betterment of the student’s future and career.

To Comprehend the Personality

The environment undoubtedly plays a key role in building the whole personality of an individual. Therefore, it gives a chance to the teacher to understand the habits, reactions, and attitudes of a student.

To Create Balanced Feelings and Emotions

If a teacher gets to know about the environment from which a student comes, then it can help the teacher to balance the feelings, emotions, and inner beliefs. As environment determines the emotional reaction to any situation.

Understanding the Talent and Future Goals

Environment decides upon the factors which prompt a student to choose the career and professional path. Therefore, the understanding of the environment makes a teacher work on a student’s capable professional path, talents, and future goals.


Therefore, due to these reasons, it becomes quite evident for a teacher to comprehend the environment of the student which can help in the academic as well as professional enhancement of a student.

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Image: Importance of Environment in Child Development