What are the Types and Structure of Progress Report?

What are the Types and Structure of Progress Report?

A progress report refers to the description of an ongoing project. It is used to communicate time. It shows what happened and at times, can also predict what can happen. It shows the progress of a team towards the completion of a given project. It updates the concerned team about the progress of various tasks being carried out by someone. In simple terms, it shows how much work has been done upon a certain task.

Purpose and Function of Writing a Progress Report

1. Provide Clarity:

The main purpose of writing a progress report is to offer clarity on the progress of a concerned project.

2. Highlight Key Elements:

Rather than stating each and every little detail of the progress, the report must highlight all the key elements so that it is easy to read and understand.

3. Inform the Reader:

The progress report is also used to inform the reader about an ongoing project’s current status.

4. Indications:

The report is used to indicate various progress points such as the amount of work done, the type of work done, who is doing the work, how well is the work done, and the time required for completion.

5. Useful for Project Manager:

Progress reports are mostly used for tactical purposes and are highly useful for project managers.

Types of Progress Report

1. Memos:

It is used for reports within an organisation and is usually short in content. 

2. Letter or email:

It can be used for reports either within or outside the organisation and is short in content. 

3. Formal Report:

It is a document that is used for analysing information, determining conclusions, and offering solutions for problems.  

4. Presentation:

It is an oral presentation that is directly addressed to the target audience.

Structure of Progress Report

1. Introduction or Opening Paragraph 

2. Summary of the project 

3. Specific Objectives of the project 

4. Scope or limits of the project 

5. Project Status

6. Overall Assessment of the Project  

7. Conclusion 

8. References 

Sam M. Walton states,

“A progress report is a report in which you are updating information about a project. Progress reports make it possible for management and clients to stay informed about a project and to change or adjust assignments, schedules, and budgets. These types of reports are used for projects that have many steps from onset to completion and are issued at regular intervals. If you are sending your progress report within your company, send a memo, but if it is going outside of your company you should send a letter.”

A progress report lays stress on events and is relatively longer. It can also be referred to as a sort of historical report.

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