What are the Application of ICT in Research UGC NET

ICT or Information and Communication Technology is a broad and comprehensive term, which comprises information technology and communication technology. Information technology includes radio, television, computer and the Internet, teleconferencing, and mobile.

“ICTs in higher education is not only used in research and academic works but also be used for developing online course material; delivering study content and sharing content with remotely located students; communication between learners, teachers and the outside world; creation and delivery of presentation and lectures; academic research; administrative support, enrolment, test, evaluation and many more.” 

The Uses of ICT in Research

ICT can be used in the following areas:

● Identify research areas & identify appropriate information sources through searching various online portal

● Literature survey & critically analyses known information for further reading

● use the information to extend and communicate knowledge across subject area fields with the wide community

● Choose Methods for research (Q&Q)

● Data Collection – manage information/data collectively

● Referencing

● Present/share / disseminate Instantaneous information exchange despite geographical distances, cost less accumulation of data and documents

● Search multiple databases and electronic resources simultaneously

● retrieve results in a common format to consume

● link to other individual databases for more specialized searching &

● select favourite resources and e-journals, save searches and records, and set up email alerts.

Application of ICT in Research 

1. Communication – How ICT has changed the way the researcher communicate with other parties

2. Information sharing – How quickly & easily information can be shared across the globe

3. Simulation – Virtual Lab & robotic experiments

4. Evaluation– Various tools and technology for feedback and evaluation

ICT can be used in almost every stage of the research process, the scope for employing ICT support is relatively more in the stages of Survey, Data Analysis, and Indexing The References.