Teaching as Planned Activity with Teaching & Learning activities B.Ed Notes

Teaching as Planned Activity

Teaching as a planned activity means preparing everything that needs to be done in the class beforehand. Proper planning can give a sense of direction to the teachers as well as to the students. What is to be taught in the classroom each day should be planned accordingly. The objective of what’s going to be taught and why should be clear to the learners. This way the students will have an idea about what they are learning and make use of their knowledge related to the topic. Planning in teaching leads to an effective way of both teaching and learning.

Teaching Activities

A good teacher can make the class lessons interesting and engage each student in the class activities. Each learning activity should focus on being meaningful, useful, and intentional. The teaching activities include:

Begin with the main takeaways

Begin the class with the highlights of the material being presented. This way the learners will understand what they are getting into and use their knowledge of what they know about the topic being discussed. By the end, they will have a clear concept and idea about what they have learned.

Encourage learners to apply previously acquired knowledge

The teacher should encourage the students to utilize their old knowledge related to the new learning concept for better understanding. By doing this, the learning process will become more effective.

Make the learning process meaningful

The teachers should focus on making the learning process meaningful. This can be done when an individual can relate what they have already learned with what they are going to learn. The students will be more interested in the material being discussed. This way the information being learned will also remain in the mind of the learners for a long time.

Learning Activities

In the learning process what the teacher does is important but what the student does is more important. The following learning activities should be included in the learning process:


The teacher should encourage each student to read aloud in class. This will improve their reading skills and improve their vocabulary. They will be fluent in speaking. The confidence of the students will increase as well in this process.


Make the students write down their understanding of the material being presented. This will improve their grammar and spelling. Most importantly, it will lead each student to think creatively in their way, increasing their creativity skills.

Group Discussions

The class lessons should be made interactive by making each student share their ideas and opinions of the material being discussed. This will make the class interesting for every student. Debates and group presentations or discussions should be encouraged by the teachers. Through this, there will be sharing of knowledge with one another as well as students will learn how to work as a team.

Assignments Should be Given

Teachers should give assignments to students which will make them understand the value of time management. This will also lead them to work hard and put the effort into doing their research. Case studies should be given as well where critical thinking is needed and problem-solving needs to be done. This will lead to the creative thinking of the students and teach them how to overcome challenges in real life.

The teacher should be responsible for his/her duty and be prepared with the teaching materials before every class. To give knowledge to others, first the teacher himself/herself must have a proper idea about it. This needs to be done for an effective teaching and learning process. A well-prepared teacher is on the way to a successful path as well as leads his/her students to success.

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