Justify Teaching as Performance and How to Evaluate Teachers’ Performance 

In a classroom, just how the students perform is not important but how the teacher performs is equally important. A good performance of the teacher results in an excellent performance of the students. The performance evaluation of a teacher is necessary for understanding how efficient his/her teaching is in the classroom. Teacher performance evaluation is the process of rating and assessing the teaching effectiveness of teachers.

Through evaluating the teacher’s performance, students will be able to receive a better learning experience. Teachers for themselves will be able to understand how satisfied the students are with their teaching and on which aspects they should improve. By doing so, the teachers will have become better performers and students will receive an efficient learning experience.

How to Evaluate Teachers’ Performance

How well a teacher teaches and his/her influence on them can be evaluated in the following ways:

  • Imparting knowledge: The key factor of evaluating a teacher’s performance is the way he/she imparts knowledge and wisdom to the students. A good teacher teaches in a way where the students can memorize what’s being taught for a long time. He/she makes the class interesting by engaging every student in the lessons and by giving real-life examples.
  • Shaping the student’s behavior: Teachers are the first guide of students outside of the home. From an early age, students spend time with their teachers and tend to look up to them. The focus of teachers should not only be imparting knowledge but establishing proper behavior and manners in the students as well.
  • To develop social skills: A teacher’s role is also important in the personal development of the students. Not just intellectually, but physically and mentally too, the teachers need to establish skills in the students that are good for their overall well-being. Teachers should help students in being independent and work on increasing their confidence and self-esteem. 
  • To nurture creative thinking: A teacher’s focus should also be on cultivating creative thinking in the students. This will lead them to become smart decision-makers and excellent problem-solvers in the future. They will know how to react to new things, be ready to face new challenges, and overcome everyday circumstances leading to a successful life.
  • Motivate the students: The belief a teacher has in the students can go a long way in helping them succeed. The encouragement of a teacher makes the students have faith in themselves and their abilities. How much a teacher motivates the students can also evaluate the former’s performance.

A good teacher is also open to helping students outside of class. So, evaluating a teacher’s performance does not only depend on his/her way of teaching but other factors as well. A teacher who can do these for the students is a good performer. Such a teacher is on the way to a successful path as well as leads his/her students to success.

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