Recommendation of Justice Verma Commission 2012 on Teacher Education 

The teacher is the interpreter and the imparter of knowledge. It is a profession that leads to all other professions. For ages, teaching has been regarded as a noble profession. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India (2012) constituted a report of the High-Powered Commission on Teacher Education that was titled “Vision of Teacher Education in India: Quality and Regulatory Perspective”, which was commonly referred to as Justice Verma Commission. It is recommended to develop a model INSET policy, which should stress upon the issues mentioned below:

  1. Quality of Pre-service Teacher Education
  2. Quality of In-service Teacher Education
  3. Teacher performance and Teacher audit
  4. Strengthening the Regulatory Functions of the NCTE

Recommendation of Justice Verma Commission 2012 on Teacher Education 

The major recommendations made by the Justice Verma Commission 2012 on Teacher Education were as follows:

  1. The government must increase its investment in the institutional capacity of teachers and teaching institutions to reduce the acute shortage of teachers in Northeastern regions.
  2. A transparent procedure of testing must be conducted for pre-service teachers to pursue the teacher education program.
  3. Teacher education must be made part of the higher education system.
  4. The duration and term of the teacher education program must be improved according to the recommendations of the Education Commission (1966), the implementation of which is yet to occur.
  5. It is also recommended that the new teaching education institutions must be located in a multi and interdisciplinary environment.
  6. Existing teacher education programs should be redesigned according to the recommendations put forward by the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE-2009) and other related sources.
  7. It put forward the need to set up a national-level academic body for the continuous reflection and analysis of the teacher education programs.
  8. The first professional Degree / Diploma in Teacher Education must be offered only in face-to-face mode as per the policy. Distance learning programs must only be pursued for the continuation of the professional development of teachers.

Teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the future of citizens which is why ensuring that they receive the best quality of education so that they can become high-quality teachers is essential. This is what the Justice Verma Commission 2012 on Teacher Education aims to achieve.

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