Emerging Trends in the Interface Between Political Process and Education

EFA Action Plan is a plan set up by the government to implement the framework of EFA. It was developed with the assistance of UNESCO. It was prepared from November 2001 to May 2003 using a participatory approach. The Prime Minister approved it in July 2003. It received a lot of appraisal from the national institutions and the international community.

The main goals of the emerging interface between political process and education are as follows:

  1. To expand early childhood education and development.
  2. To provide free and compulsory access to elementary education for all.
  3. To promote learning and life skills among children and adults.
  4. To increase the adult literacy percentage by 50%.
  5. To accomplish gender parity by 2005 and gender equality by 2015.
  6. To enhance the overall quality of education.

The analysis of the policy for the national report was as follows:

  1. To utilize evidence-based policymaking.
  2. To emphasize the analysis of disparities.
  3. To emphasize equal access to quality education.
  4. To use data and statistics for the analysis of the impact of national policy.
  5. To stress upon the gaps of the national policy implementation at the sub-national level.

Political Will

Political will can be referred to as the support one receives from political leaders. This is needed so that there can be a change in the policy and the change can be sustained. Political will and support are necessary for the implementation of any educational policy. There are three elements of political will which are as follows:

Political want

It is the desire to perform a political task and serve the society by the people’s representatives.

Political can

It refers to the efficiency or capacity of political tasks.

Political must

It is the existing points necessary for a political task.

The emerging trends in the interface between political process and education ensure to improve the quality of education through political intervention by setting up policies that can foster the growth of all students equally.

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