RRB NTPC Careers: Salary, Promotion Prospects, and Job Roles

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) conducts Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC) exam to recruit Commercial apprentice, Goods guard, Traffic Apprentice, Traffic Assistant, Assistant Station Master, etc. all over India.  This is administered by administered by Railway Recruitment Control Board.

The basic educational qualification to appear for this exam is Under- Graduation or Graduation from a recognized university and for certain posts it is 10+2.

The RRB NTPC recruitment is done for the following posts:

❖ Junior Clerk cum Typist

❖ Accounts Clerk cum Typist

❖ Junior Time Keeper

❖ Trains

❖ Clerk

❖ Commercial cum Ticket Clerk

❖ Traffic Assistant

❖ Goods Guard

❖ Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk

❖ Senior Clerk cum Typist

❖ Junior Account Assistant cum Typist

❖ Senior Time Keeper

❖ Commercial Apprentice

❖ Station Master

The given article discusses about the RRB NTPC salary structure for various posts under the Railway Recruitment Board.


RRB NTPC salary is different for different posts. The starting basic salary range offered to undergraduate posts is INR 19,900 to 21,700. While, the graduate post employees are offered RRB NTPC salary in the range of INR 25,500 to IBR 35,400.

The RRB comes under the control of the central government. The in-hand salary is paid as per the 7th pay commission. Apart from the salary, attractive perks and allowances are also offered to the employees. Candidates are also entitled to Dearness Allowance (DA), Travel Allowance (TA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), pension benefits, and medical reimbursements. 

The salary, perks and job security are some of the reasons why every year a lot of candidates get attracted towards this exam.  

RRB NTPC Salary for 12th Pass/Undergraduate Posts

The post-wise RRB NTPC salary for undergraduate posts is given below.

PostsLevel in 7th CPCInitial Pay (In INR)
Junior Clerk cum Typist219,900
Accounts Clerk cum Typist219,900
Junior Time Keeper219,900
Trains Clerk219,900
Commercial cum Ticket Clerk321,700
RRB NTPC Salary for 12th Pass/Undergraduate Posts

RRB NTPC Salary for Graduate Posts

The post-wise break-up of RRB NTPC salary for graduate is given below.

PostsLevel in 7th CPCInitial Pay (In INR)
Traffic Assistant425,500
Goods Guard529,200
Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk529,200
Senior Clerk cum Typist529,200
Junior Account Assistant cum Typist529,200
Senior Time Keeper529,200
Commercial Apprentice635,400
Station Master635,400
RRB NTPC Salary for Graduate Posts

RRB NTPC Salary-Allowances

The allowances and benefits given to the Indian railway’s employs are-

▪ Medical Allowance

▪ Pension Scheme

▪ Dearness Allowance

▪ House Rental Allowance

▪ Transport Allowance

House Rental Allowance for different cities across the country as per the rules of Indian Government are-

Category of CityHRA Before 7th pay commissionHRA After 7th pay commission
X (Cities with population Greater than or Equal to 50Lakhs likeHyderabad,  Greater Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, etc) 30%24%
Y (Cities with population  Between 5 to 50 lakhs)20%16%

RRB NTPC Salary- Level 2 Pay Scale

Below given table gives the details of salary and allowances for the posts Junior Clerk cum Typist, Train Clerk, Junior Time Keeper, and Account Clerk cum Typist.

Basic PayINR 19,900/-
Grade PayINR 2800/-
DA (Dearness Allowance) (Currently 12%)INR 2388/-
Travel Allowance ( Fixed Currently)INR 2016/-
HRA (Varies for every place-Basic HRA is 8%)INR 1592/-
Total PayINR 28696/-
RRB NTPC Salary- Level 2 Pay Scale

RRB NTPC Salary- Level 3 Pay Scale

Below are the details of salary and allowances for the post Commercial cum Ticket Clerk-

Basic PayINR 29,200/-
Grade PayINR 2800/-
DA INR 3504/-
Travel Allowance INR 2016/-
HRA INR 2336/-
Total PayINR 39,856 /-
RRB NTPC Salary- Level 3 Pay Scale

RRB NTPC Salary- Level 4 Pay Scale

Below are the details of salary and allowances for the post Traffic assistant-

Basic PayINR 25,500/-
Grade PayINR 2800/-
DA (Dearness Allowance)INR 3060/-
Travel AllowanceINR 2016/-
HRAINR 2040/-
Total PayINR 35,416/-

RRB NTPC Salary- Level 5 Pay Scale

Below are the details of salary and allowances for the posts Goods Guard, Senior Commercial cum Typist, Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk, Senior Timekeeper and Account Assistant cum Typist-

Basic PayINR 29,200
Grade PayINR 2800/-
DA (Dearness Allowance)INR 3504/-
Travel AllowanceINR 2016/-
HRAINR 2336/-
Total PayINR 39,856/-

RRB NTPC Salary- Level 6 Pay Scale

Below are the salary and allowances of the posts Commercial Apprentice and Station Master-

Basic PayINR 35,400/-
Grade PayINR 4200/-
DA (Dearness Allowance)INR 4248/-
Travel AllowanceINR 2016/-
HRAINR 2832/-
Total PayINR 48696/-
RRB NTPC Salary- Level 6 Pay Scale

RRB NTPC- Promotion Hierarchy

 RRB NTPC Job Growth for Undergraduate Posts
Junior Clerk cum Typist  Senior Clerk, cum Typist → Assistant Station Master.
Accounts Clerk cum TypistSenior clerk cum typist →  Chief Trains Clerk → Assistant Station Master to Goods Guard (GG)
Junior Time KeeperSenior Time Keeper→ Senior Time Keeper Grade II→ Senior Time Keeper Grade I
Train ClerkSenior Train Clerk→ Chief Train Clerk
Commercial cum Ticket ClerkSenior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk→ Chief Commercial cum Ticket Clerk→ Deputy Station Master
         RRB NTPC Job Growth for Graduate Posts
Traffic AssistantSenior Traffic Assistant
Goods GuardPassenger Guard→ Express Guard→ Section Controller→ Chief Controller
Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk Chief Train Clerk→ Assistant Station Master
Senior Clerk cum TypistChief Train Clerk→ Assistant Station Master
Junior Account AssistantAccount Assistant→ Junior Accounts officer→ Senior Account officer→ Deputy Accounts officer→ Chief Accounts officer→Financial Advisor
Senior Time KeeperSenior Time Keeper Grade II→ Senior Time Keeper Grade I
Station MasterStation Superintendent→ Assistant operation → Divisional Operation Manager
RRB NTPC- Promotion Hierarchy

RRB NTPC: Job Profile-

RRB NTPC Job Profile: Undergraduate Level Posts

          Posts Job Profiles
Junior Clerk cum TypistAssist the Senior Clerks with data entry work.
Accounts Clerk cum TypistWorks under the Accounts and Finance Department. Track the monetary transaction. Responsible for data entry and other works of the department and handling administrative activities
Junior Time KeeperAssist the Senior Time Keeper in maintaining the records for the arrival and departure of trains.
Trains ClerkMaintaining records related to the trains and their conditions and keeping a track record of the number of coaches in trains.
Commercial cum Ticket ClerkIssuing tickets through the computer reservation system and unreserved ticketing system and maintaining the records related to luggage.
RRB NTPC Job Profile: Undergraduate Level Posts

RRB NTPC Job Profile: Graduate Level Posts

PostsJob Profiles
Traffic AssistantResponsible for traffic and signals.
Goods GuardCheck the train, identify and fix problems while it is moving and work with the Station Master to coordinate information about train arrival and departure times.
Senior Commercial cum Ticket ClerkCommercial checking and issuing tickets and booking luggage and goods. 
Senior Clerk cum TypistResponsible for clerical work and supervising Junior Clerks.
Junior Account Assistant cum TypistKeeping accounting records up to date, monitoring transactions, costs, and claim settlements producing account-related reports, putting up budgets in accordance with regulations, monitoring financial irregularities, and assisting with administrative responsibilities connected to the accounts department.
Senior Time KeeperWorking in sync with the entire railway network and keeping records of time regarding the movements of trains.
Commercial ApprenticeSupervise various commercial branches.
Station MasterSupervising the work of assigned railway station. Works as the in charge of the  assigned railway station. Ensures timely arrival and departure of trains. 
RRB NTPC Job Profile: Graduate Level Posts

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Question1: What are the allowances offered to candidates selected through the RRB NTPC exam?

Answer: The allowances offered to candidates are dearness allowance, House rent allowance, transport allowance, pension scheme, medical benefits etc.

Question 2: What is the number of vacancies for the RRB NTPC posts available?

Answer: There are a total of about 35,208 post vacancies for the candidates appearing in the RRB NTPC recruitment exam.

Question 3: What is the D.A in RRB NTPC?

Answer: The D.A that is Dearness Allowance is 12% of the basic salary.

Question 4: Is NTPC exam tough?

Answer: The RRB NTPC exam is considered to be tough due to the vast amount of material that is covered and the high level of competition.

Question 5: What is the starting salary in railway?

Answer: For undergraduates, the initial monthly salary for shortlisted candidates ranges from Rs. 19,900 to Rs. 21,700, while for graduate posts; it ranges from Rs. 25,500 to Rs. 35,400 per month. Employees also receive various other perks and allowances along with their monthly salary.

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