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IFS Officer Salary

The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is the diplomatic service and a central civil service of the Government of India under the Ministry of External Affairs. The Foreign Secretary is the head of the service. Vinay Mohan Kwatra is the 34th and the current Foreign Secretary.

Officers of the Indian Foreign Service are recruited by the Government of India on the recommendation of the Union Public Service Commission. The first batch of Indian Foreign Service officers were recruited in 1948, based on the examination conducted by the UPSC.The minimum age is 21 years but the maximum is 32 years as per the UPSC CSE notification and there is some relaxation for the reserved classes. Every year about 10 to 15 candidates are selected for Indian Foreign Service post. After candidates qualify, they undergo training and it takes about 3 years to be confirmed in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) from the date a candidate joins the Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

Training of the officers begins at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie. After completing 15-weeks training at the LBSNAA, the probationers join the Sushma Swaraj Foreign Service Institute, India in New Delhi for a moreintensive training in subjects including international relations theory, military diplomacy, trade etc.

Salary of an IFS Officer-

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is a Group ‘A’ Service. After the training the IFS officers are posted in Indian Embassies or High Commissions across the world and in the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. The salary and perks depend on the location of posting of an IFS Officer, whether in India or foreign countries. An IFS officer serves the nation but is posted in different foreign countries. The officer posted in foreign countries get special foreign allowance which totally depends on the country the officer is posted. The salary structure is discussed below but it can vary for the officers who are posted in the foreign countries.

GradeRankBasic Pay (INR)Grade Pay (INR)
Junior Time ScaleUnder Secretary80005400
Senior Time Scale 106506600
Junior Administrative ScaleDeputy Secretary127507600
Senior Administrative ScaleJoint Secretary1840010000
Selection Grade IVCounselor Director151008700
High Commissioner/AmbassadorForeign Secretary26000 (Fixed) 

After including all the allowances the approximate salary structure is given below-

Sr. No.GradePay BandGrade Pay
1Junior Scale 15,600 –39,100 INR5400 INR
2Senior Scales – The Senior Scales  has 3 major categories                               –
          i.Senior time Scale15600 –39100INR6600 INR
           ii.Junior Administrative Grade15,600 –39,100INR7,600 INR
         iii.Selection Grade37,400 – 67,000INR8,700 INR
3Super Time Scale 37,400 –67,000INR10,000 INR
4Above Super Time Scale – Above Super Time Scale is divided into 3 major categories i.e. 
           i.           Super Super Time Scale37,400 – Rs 67,000 INR12,000 INR
          ii.      Apex Pay Scale80,000INR (fixed)Nil
         iii.Cabinet Secretary90,000INR (fixed)Nil

At the Junior Level post, the IFS officer’s pay lies between Rs. 15,600 to 39,100 along with grade pay of Rs. 5400. The pay for a Senior Time Scale Officer lies between Rs. 15,600 to 39,100 along with grade pay of Rs. 6600. At the level of Junior Administrative, the pay is Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 39,100 along with grade pay of Rs. 7600. The pay scale for Selection Grade level officers is Rs. 37,400 to 67,000 along with grade pay of Rs. 8,700. The pay scale for Super Time Scale officers is Rs. 37,400 to Rs. 67,000, along with grade pay of Rs. 12,000. The Apex Pay scale level officer’s pay is fixed at Rs. 80,000 and for Cabinet Secretary whose pay scale is also fixed at Rs. 90,000.

IFS Salary and 7th Pay Commission-

The 7th Pay Commission has announced that the Indian Foreign Service Officers will get three increments when the officer is moved to senior level. Perks enjoyed by an IFS Officer:

• Accommodation at 2 or 3 BHK house.

• Car for commuting

• Household helpers and security guards

• Medical Treatment expenses

• Official vehicles

• Free electricity and water facility

• Free phone call facility

• Options to study abroad

• Retirement benefits and Pension


Ranks in Forest Service

GradeDesignation in Field (Overseas)Designation in Headquarters (India)
Junior time scaleAttaché / Third SecretaryUnder Secretary
Senior time scaleSecond / First SecretaryUnder Secretary
Junior administrative gradeFirst SecretaryDeputy Secretary
Selection grade IVDirectorCounselor Director
Senior administrative gradeMinister/DCM AmbassadorJoint Secretary
 Ambassador/High CommissionerAdditional Secretary
 Ambassador/High CommissionerSecretary

IFS Officer Responsibilities-

Listed below are the duties of an IFS officer:

• Representing India in embassies and organizations.

• Promoting friendly relations with the other country.

• Negotiating agreements on issues with the authorities of the country of posting.

• Extending consular facilities to Indian nationals abroad.

• In the Ministry of External Affairs, the officer is responsible for all aspects of external affairs like political and economic work, policy manning, multilateral organizations, legal matters, protocols, regional groupings, consular affairs, press and publicity, administration, etc.

IAS v/s IFS Salary-

IFS officers generally receive higher salaries than their IAS counterparts. Furthermore, IFS officers stationed abroad are entitled to a special foreign allowance, further raising their earnings.

IAS Officer Salary: At the starting level IAS officer earns a monthly salary of Rs 56,100, according to the 7th Pay Commission. The IAS salary can escalate to Rs 2,50,000 for Cabinet Secretary. In addition anIAS officer receives House Rent Allowance (HRA), Travel Allowance (TA), Dearness Allowance (DA), medical benefits, and various other perks.

IFS Officer Salary The initial salary for an IFS officer ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 39,100 per month, accompanied by a grade pay of Rs 5400. The salary package of an IFS officer amounts to Rs 60,000 per month, inclusive of all allowances and benefits. IFS officers stationed overseas are granted a Special Foreign Allowance, which significantly impacts the IFS salary structure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What rank is required for IFS?

Answer: The required rank for Indian Foreign Service for general category candidates ranges from 90 to 130. 

Do IFS officer get allowances?

Answer: The IFS officers are eligible for different allowances like Dearness Allowance etc.

What is the salary of an IFS officer?

Answer: The IFS salary is approximately INR 60,000 per month, including all allowances. For officers who are posted in foreign get some special allowances.

What is the highest post of IFS officer?

Answer: The Highest Post under IFS is the Foreign Secretary, who serves from India.

What is the highest salary that an IFS officer can get?

Answer: The basic salary of an IFS Officer is around INR 60,000, and after promotions it can go up to INR 2,40,000.

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