What are the Requirements or Prerequisites for Learning Academic Writing

What are the requirements of prerequisites for learning academic writing: 

In order to be skilful in academic writing one must regulate their writing skills and learn the prerequisite skill. Effective written communication involves two prerequisite skills: 

● Transcription Skills:

In the concept of writing, transcription is a process of transferring one’s thoughts and ideas into words. Skilled writing produces a response in the reader by simulating thought, evoking an emotion and stirring to action. Disorganized writing indicates that your thinking is disorganized. If your writing is not fully developed it indicates that you have not fully developed your thoughts. Therefore improving your writing skills will improve the way you think. Transcription skills are basic writing skills. In order to promote effective and efficient composition skills, teachers may need to demand their student’s transcription skills. 

● Grammar Skills:

In order to communicate effectively through written language one must have an ability to use proper grammar i.e. the order in which the words occur or how the words change according to their relationship with other words or how the words are to be built into sentences. Even if you understand the meaning of every word,it will be very difficult  for  an individual to master writing if you are laid back  in grammar.

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